The Reasons Why More People are Choosing Homes for Sale in Frisco, TX

Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 8:28am.

Big and booming are the two best words to describe Frisco, TX, located in the growing "Metroplex" of Dallas/Fort Worth. Skyscrapers are multiplying while new suburban neighborhoods and commercial centers are expanding. As a result, more families and workers are deciding to live and work in Frisco. Learn more about the compelling reasons why people are buying homes for sale in Frisco, TX.

Economic Growth 

Frisco is experiencing significant economic growth. First, its unemployment rate is only 2.90% compared to 5.20% for the rest of the U.S. This is attributed to a healthy job growth rate, among other factors. The recent job growth in Frisco is 3.09%, compared to the national rate of 1.59%.

Lots of Good-Paying Jobs Available Near Homes for Sale in Frisco, TX

Second, job growth is expected to rise by 43.29% over the next ten years, whereas the national average is projected to increase by only 37.98%. Third, income per capita is higher in Frisco at $43,595 versus $28,555 which is the nation's average. Fourth, household income is also high at $112,155 compared to $53,482 for the U.S. average. Definitely, families and individuals in Frisco are doing quite well, financially speaking.

As for the composition of jobs, almost 56% are either employed in the financial and business sectors or in management levels, while the rest are in sales, office, and administrative support. Others work in engineering, computers, and science industries, as well as education, health, and construction sectors. Many other people work in different industries from farming to personal care.

Apart from the Frisco Independent School District and the City of Frisco, the main employers in Frisco are T-mobile, Amerisource, Conifer Health Solutions, and Baylor Medical Center Due to high personal and household incomes, the cost of living in Frisco is a little higher than the U.S. average, though it’s more than offset by access to high-paying or decent-paying and stable occupations.

Low Crime Rates 

Despite the economic boom, Frisco boasts of low crime rates. Frisco has only a 22.1 rating for violent crimes compared to 31.1 of the national average. People in Frisco have a lower chance of being victims of violent crimes than most anywhere else. Property crime is also relatively lower at 32.9 versus 38.1 for the U.S. average. Frisco is an example of an economically developing city which is capable of curbing violent crimes as well as crimes against property.

Good Healthcare 

The healthcare industry is also reliable in Frisco. It has 228 physicians per 100,000 population compared to the US average of only 210. Many residents are quite satisfied with the quality and quantity of health care services for different ailments.

Furthermore, the environmental factors affecting health are also good in Frisco. Its air quality is a little better, while the water quality is significantly improved at the rating of 80 compared to 55 in the country as a whole. Future Frisco residents can expect to live a healthy life in this booming city.

Well-Rated Schools 

Apart from good health indicators, Frisco has well-rated schools. Most schools are rated 10, such as Allen Elementary School and Carroll Elementary School, while others have a rating of 7 and 8 including Bright Elementary School and Tom Hicks Elementary school. The people of Frisco see these good schools as an important advantage for families and bodes well for continued economic growth.

Fun Recreational Sites 

Apart from great schools, Frisco has many fun recreational centers. Sports lovers will enjoy Dr. Pepper Ballpark and Frisco Commons Park. Those who prefer the calm of nature would love the Texas Sculpture Garden and several other smaller parks. Several parks and recreational centers also offer adventure packages for those who are not of the faint of heart. Golf courses, gift and specialty shops, and movie theaters are likewise abundant in Frisco.

If you want to be in a flourishing city with low crime rates and access to good health institutions and schools, Frisco, TX is a good choice. As the city prepares for continued growth and expanded modern facilities, having your own home or property in this bustling city is a worthwhile investment. Let Nu Home Source Realty help you find the perfect dream homes for sale in Frisco, TX. Call us today at 866-761-5217 and let us help you with your next home. 

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