Texas Historic Homes

Dallas Historic Homes

Although new construction homes often have some of the coolest and most convenient features and finishes you can have inside a home, there’s just something special about historical homes that you just can’t deny. From the high quality craftsmanship to the unparalleled attention to detail, if you’re like so many who just love the idea of living in a historical home in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place to begin your search. Click below to start viewing active listings.

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Fort Worth Historic Homes

If there’s one thing the Fort Worth real estate market is known for, many would probably say it’s the abundance of high-end historical homes with an unlimited amount of character, charm, and appeal. From Prairie style homes to one-of-a-kind Victorians, if you’re in the market for a historical home in Fort Worth, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

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San Antonio Historic Homes

The King William Historic District is where you’ll find some of San Antonio’s most historic and antiquated real estate, but in a city with as rich a history as San Antonio, there’s certainly more places in town to browse homes with a little more charm and elegance than your typical new construction dwelling. So whether you're looking in the heart of downtown San Antonio or somewhere on the city’s outskirts, start browsing all of San Antonio’s most historic homes currently on the market.

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Houston Historic Homes

If you’re looking for historic homes for sale in Houston, The Heights neighborhood might be a good place to begin your search, as it has the highest concentration of historic homes in the entire city. But along with that, historic homes can still be found all throughout the Houston area, so depending on what you’re after, there’s no doubt Houston’s real estate market has a wide range of housing options, especially when it comes to historic properties.

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